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TaskmgrPro 1.4.4 | Full Version [.Reg]

TaskmgrPro 1.4.4 - adalah sebuah plug-in untuk Windows Task Manager, dimana TaskmgrPro 1.4.4 akan menambah beberapa fitur yang sebelumnya tidak dimiliki oleh Windows Task Manager. Seperti batch kill,resurrect kill,restart windows,view All TCP connections dan masih banyak lagi.


WHAT IS TaskmgrPRO???

TaskmgrPro is a plug-in for Windows Task Manager. It enhances the standard Processes tab and creates five additional tabs. 

Main features include:
1. End multiple processes with a single click in the enhanced Processes Tab.
2. Batch kill processes in kill list.
3. Resurrect processes in kill list.
4. View all installed system services with their statuses in the additional Services Tab.
5. Select several services and start them, stop them and change the method they are started with at once.
6. Batch stop or start windows services in list.
7. View all established TCP connections and all open ports in an additional TCP/IP Tab.
8. Manage the Windows startup procedure in the additional Startup tab
9. Make your PC turn off, log off, restart or hibernate at a specified time in the additional Shutdown tab 
10. Manage shared folders easy in an additional Shares Tab.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows XP/2003/Vista or later


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