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Risen 2: Dark Waters Game PC (Mediafire)

Risen 2: Dark Waters - Game yang satu ini sudah populer sebelum di rilies sobat judulnya Risen 2: Dark Waters, Risen 2: Dark Waters merupakan game terbaru di 2012 dengan genre action yang keren abis. Risen 2: Dark Waters PC termasuk game yang di terbitkan oleh Deep Silver dengan judul Risen 2: Dark Waters,baiklah langsung saja kita simak Download Game Risen 2: Dark Waters (PC/ENG) Gratis Link Mediafire di bawah ini.

Download Game Risen 2: Dark Waters (PC/ENG) Gratis Link Mediafire

Download Game Risen 2: Dark Waters (PC/ENG) Gratis Link Mediafire
Risen 2: Dark Waters begins in the harbor city of Caldera. The last vestiges of the Inquisition gathered in the fortress of crystal and are still trying to fight against the Titans. Unfortunately, sea monsters cause inconvenience and boats that were supposed to deliver major equipments are lost to the sea. The main character is the hero of the first Risen. However, he is now a broken man without illusions who turned to alcohol. He wears a patch over one eye that hides the Inquisitor monocle, obtained at the end of Risen. The game begins with Carlos (known from Risen) who asks the hero to help a ship that sank off the coast of the island. Among the survivors, there is another old friend: Patty. She is always in search of her father, the famous pirate Gregorius Emanuel Steelbeard, and rumor says he has found a way to sail the seas safely. They decide to team up to find him.

Screenshot Risen 2: Dark Waters
Screenshot Risen 2: Dark Waters 2

System requirements
OS: Windows® XP SP 3 (32-64 bits) / Windows Vista® (32-64 bits) / Windows 7® (32-64 bits)
CPU: (Minimum) 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 or 2.4 GHz AMD Athlon x2 (Recommended) 3.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or 3.0 GHz AMD Athlon II x2 or better
Memory: (Minimum) 2 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7) (Recommended) 4 GB for Windows ® XP, 4 GB for Vista / Windows ® 7
Memory: (Minimum) 256 MB nVidia 8600 GT or ATI / AMD 3850 (Recommended) 512+ MB nVidia 250 GTS or ATI / AMD 4870 or better
HDD : 3 GB of free Hard Drive Space

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