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GenoPro 2011 v2.5.3.8 - With Serial

GenoPro is a genealogy program that enables you to create a family tree that can be printed or published to the web. The program can import existing family data from GEDCOM files and display a complete graphical representation of your genealogy tree, including ancestors and descendants.GenoPro supports a wide range of relationships and character traits (friendship, love, harmony, distrust etc.) that allow you to create a detailed family tree that also reflects the quality of relationships between family members.

Other features includes export to HTML, XML and other formats, customizable reports, custom data fields, support for photos, medical symbols, and more.
GenoPro 2011 v2.5.3.8 merupakan software untuk membuat pohon keluarga..jadi kita bisa membuat pohon keluarga atau silsilah keluarga dalam bentuk chart, kita juga dapat menulisakan nama serta foto orang tua terdahulu pada keluarga..anda pun bisa mempublish pohon keluarga anda ke web maupun mencetak nya..jadi, kita bisa membuat pohon keluarga sehingga kita tak lupa lagi nama keluarga kita terdahulu..jadi, apakah anda ingin mencobanya..silahkan
System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000,XP, Vista, dan 7 (32 dan 64 bit)
  • 2.0 MB free disk space (Minimum 0.5 MB, Maximum 4.0 MB).
  • VGA Display (640x480 with 16 colors).
  • Mouse or equivalent pointing device.
  • Web browser to read the online help.
Download Here :
  1. Download - Setup GenoPro 2011 v2.5.3.8
  2. Download - Serial GenoPro 2011 v2.5.3.8 

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