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USB Safely Remove (Percepat Keluarin Flashdisk) - With Crack

USB Safely Remove is a USB device manager. USB Safely Remove saves time and extends user abilities on active work with flash-drives, portable drives, card readers and and other gadgets.

USB Safely Remove gives a handy safe removal, devoids of annoyances of the native Windows tool, displays what programs prevent stopping a device, hides drives of empty card reader slots, allows to return a stopped devices back and has many other features for comfortable work with hot-plug devices (USB, SATA, Firewire, PCMCIA).

USB Safely Remove
 adalah tools yang berfungsi untuk mereject removable disk seperti flashdisk, hard disk eksternal, dan perangkat lainnya secara cepat dan aman. USB Safely Remove ini sepertinya wajib ada pada komputer anda. Dengan menggunakan USB Safely Remove ini, dapat dipastikan anda tidak akan menemui masalah ataupun kesalahan saat mereject perangkat USB yang terhubung pada komputer.

Here are some key features of "USB Safely Remove":
  • Safely remove in one click!
  • Displaying processes which are preventing USB device from being stopped
  • Powerful command line support
  • 3 methods to stop devices.
  • Automatically assigning hotkeys.
  • Forbidding stopping any device.
  • Customizable names and descriptions for devices.
  • Notifications about connecting/disconnecting devices with the help of a balloon tooltip.
  • Playing sounds or running external programs when devices are connecteddisconnected.
  • Restricting access to the features of the program with a password.
  • Loading custom images for devices
  • Ability to operate SATA drives
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